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Modular ICS KSU Item Code: NT7B53FA
Price: $400
Availability: In Stock


Up to 8 Lines Expandable to 272 Lines
Up to 32 Digital Stations Expandable to 272 Digital Stations
Music On Hold Compatible
Page and intercom system

The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) is a key system designed small-to-medium businesses and is expandable up to 248 ports. Advanced integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers and speech recognition. The Modular ICS can grow with your business through the addition of trunk and station modules as you need them.

Key Features:

High bandwidth to the desktop enables you to use applications like ISDN and CTI without changing your existing wiring.
Modular, scalable design lets you choose the system that fits your needs today, while planning for the future.
Digital technology creates a platform for current and future PC-based applications.
Wide range of call processing and call handling features designed to drive productivity and profitability into your business.
Reliability with one of the highest mean time between failures in the industry over 100 years.

Norstar Modular ICS supports up to 248 ports in multiple configurations of stations and trunks including analog loop, T1, BRI, PRI, analog DID, and analog E&M. It also supports advanced applications, such as voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, and basic and enhanced call centers.

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