Walker W10-00 In Line Telephone Handset Receiver Amplifier (50800.001)

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Walker W10-00 In Line Telephone Handset Receiver Amplifier (50800.001)

The Walker W10-00 AC-powered in-line receiver amplifier for your home or office desk telephone. W10-00 allows the user to amplify the receiver volume 3 times higher than normal (up to 20dB) using their current non-amplified handset.


• The W10 easily installs between the existing telephone base and the current handset, and improves listening volume up to 20 dB for clearer reception.
• Rotary (thumb wheel) volume control to adjust to individual hearing needs.
• Includes a AC power supply.
• Portable for travel and is compatible with electronic or standard phones. (The dial pad must be in the base of the phone.)
• Perfect for the hearing impaired.
• Amplifier Gain: + 24dB
• Frequency Response: Flat within +/? 5dB from 300 Hz to 3000Hz
• Color: Black

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