Nortel Norstar Analog Terminal Adapter - ATA 2 Refurbished

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Nortel Norstar Analog Terminal Adapter - ATA 2 Refurbished (NT8B90AL)

The Norstar Enhanced Analog Terminal Adapter 2 serves as an interface between the digital station set ports and analog tip-plus-ring devices. This allows existing analog equipment such as modems, answering machines and analog telephone sets to operate on the Norstar business communication systems with speeds of up to and including 28.8 kb/s. The Norstar Enhanced ATA 2 is compatible with all Norstar systems.


• Converts the Norstar digital interface to analog for communication with such analog devices as single line telephones, fax machines, modems, and answering machines
• Single line sets can interface with Norstar system features such as call waiting, call forward, and many more
• Provides a means of connecting a single line set to the Norstar system in either a long loop or off-premise extension configuration
• ATA-2 supports faster data transmission speeds, up to and including 28.8 kbps


• Compatible with CICS any release, MICS any release, 3x8 DR1 (3x8, 6x16, 8x24), 3x8 DR5/5.1, Compact DR2/DR5/DR5-DS, Modular DR2 or higher, and Nortel BCM

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